"Maybe he has a thing for a cats…or maybe he likes me unlike you"


"You’re not jealous are you?"

“tch… Me, jealous? In your wildest imagination, Grimalkin. I may fall in love with other girls, but not with a goddamn cat that doesn’t even care about her experiments.”

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Caitlyn | 友 [pixiv] 


Caitlyn | 友 [pixiv


"Was I talking to you ‘Hero’?"


"There is this thing called the Continuum with multiple instances of people"

“That Hakumen in that shift you were in was seriously out of his mind.”

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"Oh…I forgot my birthday was a few days ago…I wasn’t here and blah blah blah blah I was out with Hakumen…on a trip that is none of your business you morons"


Hakumen overhears the cat blabbering about his name. “We were out on a trip? I didn’t remembered that.”

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orochi--burensou asked: (( Also hey you play LoL ovo Who do you main? ))

Of course I play LoL! I main Zyra at the moment because she’s lots of fun and it hurts me to see other people do badly with her. Although she’s a bit hard to use on mid lane.

But if I’m really playing with  big time players (which are uber good) I main Caitlyn, since I’m obviously a coward and I love participating on ganks from a distance. Safety first, but it really depends on who you are fighting.

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Anonymous asked: How about Tsubaki, Noel or Makoto?

Right let me get this clear, BB character are meant to stay in the BB game and LoL/DotA heroes are meant to stay in their verse so stop sending this troll questions. I just thought that I shared my weird dream last night since the idea of Haku in DotA was pretty cool. But other characters wouldn’t just fit in. Or rather it would turn out awkward. 

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tbh, I still have a pending reply to someone and I really want to start working on it, but there’s too much distractions!

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Anonymous asked: Then what about if Jin, Hazama/Terumi and Ragna was in dota or in lol?

meh. I wouldn’t include Jin and Hazama/Terumi. Those two would obviously get owned early game and they are gay. Everybody in MOBA games hates gay heroes and gays get buttsex first. Maybe Ragna would be better. 

Anonymous asked: LOL how is Hakumen's Akumetsu even similar to Blade Waltz and Omnislash?! he is just like drawing black inks in the screen!

That’s why I said, if only Blazblue had a more detailed and high resolution graphics like those graphics from LoL or DotA2. And those Black Inks you are talking about are actually the slashes of Hakumen’s nodachi.

Arcsys just made the animation simpler since it would be so fucking awkward if a huge man like Haku would perform such detailed move with his huge sword. And it’s also to save space from you tv set. bleh.

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I had a weird dream last night, and Hakumen was a hero in DotA 2. His ultimate skill was very similar to Fiora’s Blade Waltz and Yurnero’s Omnislash. Then when I woke up, I was like; “Hakumen, YOU THE MAN.” 

And quite frankly, if Blazblue had only more detailed and high res graphics, then Haku’s Akumetsu would be the most bad ass finishing strike.