Favorite Characters [13/?]

                                            ↳ Tsubaki Yayoi

"White feathers for innocence… Black feathers for darkest sin! We are the messengers and hammers of God, come to deliver righteous justice! Let sinners be punished! Let justice be done!"

“I’ve finally faced my Oblivion. But I shan’t falter to my demise for I AM THE WHITE VOID! I AM HAKUMEN!”

Track Title: Let Me Love You

Artist: Mario

Album: Turning Point


Let Me Love You - Mario

blood-scythe said: His— cockadoodledick is blue.. Shouldn’t that be concerning?

Nah he is healthy as shit, but one thing is for sure, the cum is blue. So ye. 

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blood-scythe said: I— didn’t even know a picture like that existed…

You sure you never saw this? It was just hanging around in Rule34. 

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blood-scythe said: 12 inches XD no, I saw about 9 or so

I never saw his dick erect just like that tbh so I can’t tell. The only H picture I saw of him is the one he is having sex with Makoto alongside with Nu. 

Can someone tell me how big is Hakumen’s dick in their imagination?

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